martes, 26 de julio de 2011

I am of your side

For my God there is nothing impossible... Well said the phrase... We must not think that terrible are our problems infinite and extraordinary when it is his power.... Thank you for being to my side... Only have I q call you inside my heart and? Always these here:-)

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Jessie J ft. B.o.B - Price Tag (On-Screen Lyrics) (HD)

This video will think over that money it cannot buy the happiness.
 Sometimes think that we have the best clothes it makes us the best person and remembers the money does not buy the happiness

  We all are going to change the way of thinking about the persons and we will manage to live in a better world children to leave a better world him without restrictions for our and salvamo our planet of so many pollution

Travis McCoy - I Wanna Be A Billionaire Lyrics

I think sometimes the desire of the money it can cause problems.
 We use the money to do the good sew in the life and always is the good without waiting for anything in exchange

  Recuerdad it supplies her does not exist the things happen for that one looks for them that they happen and tries to achieve the succes

Describe your family. What kind of family do you have? a traditional family or a more modern family? working mom, stay home dad? How about married, single, divorced people in your family? Use a lot of, a majority of, some of... etc..

my family very my mother and father is joined they are very in love at the time they always comprehensive sound and try to be the best parents, I have two sisters discuss best ultimately we end always giving the reason to which han it

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

that describe something more than 50 percent possible

- It´s likely that the bank  were aware of previous visits of criminals.
- I best that the criminals planned everything weeks before.
- It doesn´t seem possible that the criminals knew how break the security system by themselves.
- I doubt that the thieves will remain in jail for 10 years.


At 3:00pm a pair of thieves broke the security system of the citibank and robbed 100 millions of bolivars. The faces of the criminals were recorded on tape with a hidden camera and 2 hours later the criminals were caught by the police. The had to go to court to answer some questions, the had to make a confession of what they had done. the problem was easily solved as they accepted they conmuted the crime, the went to jail to spend there 5 years

Poem for my father

Poem for my father
 For: Nestor Caldera

 Special, Nice, a good friend and very graceful
 Father of robert, David and Nestor.
 The one who loves his nephew Fabiola,
 His family and dog.
 The one who is afraid the height and the lightning.
 Whants to see his children they finish the career
 It thrills to find his grandsons.

 Resident of my heart